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Cooking with your feet

Puppet show by Laura Kibel e Verónica González inspired by Pellegrino Artusi
"Cooking with your feet", ph. Maicol Marchetti

Everywhere across the world, Italy is renowned and appreciated for its beauty, its artworks and the literary, musical and artistic talent of its people, who created a place full of good taste, joy and bella vita.
In particular, Italy has exported the art of eating well. Who was the first author to write about Italian cuisine? Who collected, tried out and published the first book of Italian recipes? Who reunited Italy… in the kitchen? Who turned cooking into an art? It’s Pellegrino Artusi!

He was born in 1820 in Romagna, at a time when Italy was still divided in many small, independent states. He loved cooking and researched the Italian food identity, studying the traditional dishes and their regional variants. In Florence he found his most trustworthy companion, Marietta, and with her help he experimented a collection of recipes, then published in his book The Science in the kitchen and the Art of eating well.

In this pièce, Artusi is described through the loving eyes of his faithful Marietta. The setting is Italy between two centuries, between Romanticism and Modern Age, with the arias of Rossini, Verdi and Puccini.
Among pots and pans, fruits and vegetables, dream and reality these two incredible characters on the hands (or better, on the feet!) of the actress Verónica González will introduce us to a delicate show with flavour of culinary art.

Duration: 50'
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

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