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Pellegrino Artusi and the culinary unification of Italy

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Artusi's manualEven more than a person, Artusi is a cookery book, indeed, the cookery book par excellence, at the very heart of modern Italian cuisine. With fifteen editions in twenty years, from 1891 to 1911, which were compiled and revised directly by the author, the book has been since then re-edited, copied, plagiarized and translated into many languages (ten, to date: English, Spanish, Catalan, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, French, Polish, Japanese) right up to the present day, so becoming the ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world.

The collection of recipes is also a political project, as Pellegrino Artusi aimed at giving a contribution to the making of Italy. He thought that sharing the national gastronomic habits and a common language – as “concrete” as the one spoken in the kitchen, when it is necessary to name ingredients and practices- could be an important element in the project of cultural unification then ongoing.

The exhibition Pellegrino Artusi and the culinary unification of Italy illustrates Pellegrino Artusi’s life, the up-to-dateness of his work and the project the city of Forlimpopoli -his native land and his testamentary heir to his own will- is developing about home cooking. It has been produced by the Culture Department of Emilia-Romagna Region, Casa Artusi and the Municipality of Rimini.

The exhibit and the catalogue are available in Albanian, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

The exhibit can be presented with:

  • lectures and conferences by experts of Casa Artusi’s Scientific Committee;
  • workshops on hand-made “pasta sfoglia” curated by Casa Artusi’s “Mariettas”;
  • theme dinners and tastings curated by Casa Artusi’s master chefs and “Mariettas”;
  • the puppet show by Laura Kibel and Verónica González inspired to Artusi:
    Cooking with your feet  (available in English, Italian, Spanish).

Artusi 200On the occasion of Artusi’s Bicentenary, six promotional videos have been released, produced by the Foreign Ministry and curated by Casa Artusi and Emilia-Romagna Region: SCIENCE in the KITCHEN and the ART of EATING WELL knowledge and flavours from Italian lands, highlighting the extraordinary Italian agri-food heritage and the teaching of the gastronome from Forlimpopoli who ‘lives in the future’. Casa Artusi, in turn, released a video to celebrate the anniversary:

From Casa Artusi’s YouTube channel, some other videos on Artusian recipes and curiosity:

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