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Centro Cinema Cesena - Theme and homage exhibitions

Some of the exhibitions made for national and international film festivals and institutions

On demand digital exhibitions curated by the responsible for the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena Antonio Maraldi.
Presentations available in English and French. The number of images may vary according to the needs of the exhibit spaces.



MELODRAMATIC REALISM - Luchino Visconti’s early movies

"Ossessione" di Luchino Visconti (1943), Clara Calamai e Massimo Girotti [ph. Osvaldo Civirani]Images from the sets of three of Visconti’s masterpieces: Ossessione/Obsession, La Terra Trema/The Earth Trembles and Bellissima.
The first steps of Luchino Visconti and the first steps of Italian neorealism.

“Eclipse” by Antonioni in the photographs by Vittorugo Contino

"L'eclisse" di Michelangelo Antonioni (1962), Monica Vitti e Alain Delon [ph. Vittorugo Contino]Important photographer of multiple activities, Vittorugo Contino worked on set from the late ‘50s to the mid ‘60s (with Rossellini, Rosi, Antonioni...).
Thanks to his photojournalist view, his photos testify not only what was happening in front of the camera, but also what happened before and after the filming.

Contino donated the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena all the negatives regarding his work in cinema.

Pier Paolo Pasolini on the film set

"La ricotta" di P.P. Pasolini (1963) [ph. Paul Ronald]The sets of three important films at the beginning of Pasolini’s career: Mamma Roma, La ricotta, and Uccellacci e uccellini /The Hawks and the Sparrows.
Pasolini who, from young intellectual (on the first sets, he is almost always in a suit) gradually takes possession of the “mechanism” cinema in his own way.

Stefania Sandrelli, icône du cinéma italien

"Io la conoscevo bene" di Antonio Pietrangeli (1965), Stefania Sandrelli [ph. G.B. Poletto]The most important roles, the collaboration with prominent directors, the roles as leading character in lesser works but not less interesting for the work of an actress: a long and celebrated career lived without interruption.

Anouk, Alain, Jean-Louis and the others...

" La viaccia" di Mauro Bolognini (1961), Jean-Paul Belmondo e Claudia Cardinale [ph. Huguette Ronald]The fascinating images of French actresses and actors who have regularly attended Italian film sets from the ’50s till today.

Laughter of cinema"Quién sabe?" di Damiano Damiani (1966), Gian Maria Volontè [ph. Divo Cavicchioli]

Actors, actresses and directors caught in moments of hilarity, on stage and off stage, between temporary conviviality and long lasting complicity.

Sixty years of cinema in the images by some of the most celebrated past and present still photographers.

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