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Teatro Nucleo on tour in Argentina

From August 6 to 15, “Contra Gigantes” by Horacio Czertok in Buenos Aires and Patagonia

In this August 2022, Teatro Nucleo's international engagements range from Europe to South America.

After participating in Germany in the 21st Sommerwerft - Internationales Theaterfestival am Fluss in Frankfurt on August 5, with the performance Fugue in Me Minor – also staged in Italian festivals a few days before –, Teatro Nucleo flies overseas.

From August 6 to 15, Horacio Czertok will present the monologue Contra Gigantes, based on his famous and awarded street theatre show Quijote!, in his homeland Argentina.

Horacio Czertok, co-founder of Teatro Nucleo, wrote a dramaturgy from Miguel de Cervantes’s masterpiece in 1990. The resulting show, co-produced with the Theater-am-Turm in Frankfurt, had over 400 performances in three continents, participated in dozens of international festivals (and received the Critics' Award at the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato), and above all, as per Teatro Nucleo’s tradition, went through villages and suburbs without theatres.

A few years later, the Argentine dramatist and actor transformed the show for open spaces into the soliloquy Contra Gigantes, spotlighting those giants – a metaphor for the forces that hinder the transformation of society – against whom the errant knight fights.

Don Quixote is not the only protagonist of Contra Gigantes. Sancho Panza, Don Miguel de Cervantes and Czertok himself are on stage with him, all in close relationship with each other and with the spectators, to compose a monodrama with multiple voices.

The tour starts on August 6 in Buenos Aires at the Sala Carlos Trigo, in collaboration with the historic theatre group La Runfla, and continues in the province of Chubut in Patagonia: on August 12 at the Teatro del Muelle in Puerto Madryn, on August 13 at the Teatro Español in Gaiman, and on August 14 in Puerto Pirámides.

The tour ends in Morón, in the province of Buenos Aires, on August 15. On the occasion of the last performance at the Teatro Morón, Horacio Czertok will meet a group of students to talk about the process of creation of the show.


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