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Spain – Claudia Castellucci at the ESCENA PATRIMONIO Festival

From September 13 to 17, “Ejercicios Rítmicos de Segovia“ with the awarded dramaturge and choreographer

The ESCENA PATRIMONIO Festival is a platform for dance and cultural exchange promoted by the 15 Spanish World Heritage Cities Group. It culminates in ‘The Heritage Night’, during which dance performances are simultaneously scheduled in the unique settings of the "World Heritage" sites.

The Festival, that has always collaborated with international artists, this year proposes a focus on Italian choreographers thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid.

Claudia Castellucci is guest of the Festival with the Ejercicios Rítmicos de Segovia, taking place from September 13 to 17.

Dramaturge, choreographer and scholar, co-founder with her brother Romeo, Chiara Guidi, and Paolo Guidi of the Societas Raffaello Sanzio theatre company, the artist has been carrying out her own research on rhythmic movement for decades, research awarded with the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale Danza 2020: “sober, serious, minimalist and demanding choreographer, who works with sacrality at her art”.

Rhythm was the main teaching axis for Claudia Castellucci and has characterized her work as an artist both with the schools she created and with the invention of rhythmic models, referable to physical movement and theoretical reflection. The Rhythmic Exercises reproduce, in a short time, the way of studying and experimenting of these schools. They take the name of the city where they are settled and end with a dance. The first ones took place in Athens in 2014.

The Rhythmic Exercises in Segovia propose a study that will end with the dance Il trattamento delle onde, based on the rhythm of bells. Listening to these ancient sound objects reveals the negative part of the sound. Their echo is prolonged over time and, while dispersing, incorporates new tolling. The sequence of the beats which continue to float in the air, generates aleatory coincidences and different rhythms that come together. The dancers treat all of this like a teaching. The spectral consistency of this sound leads to a form of listening that binds together presence and memory (a presence that does not pass). The 'treatments', which the title of the dance refers to, are the strokes, the movements, and suspensions that are carried out with a hazel stick.

After an intensive seven-day workshop – aimed at a maximum of 14 participants including dancers, actors, and interested public –, the participants will perform the repertoire performance by Claudia Castellucci Il trattamento delle onde on the Heritage Night, September 17.
From 7:30 pm, two performances with seven participants each are scheduled, near the Jardín de los Zuloaga in Segovia.


Claudia Castellucci - Societas

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