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La Baracca-Teatro Testoni Ragazzi on tour in Japan

From August 6 to 13, the show “Families” on stage in Obu, Nagakute, Seki, Niihama

La Baracca-Teatro Testoni Ragazzi takes the show Families on tour in Japan.
From August 6 to 13, the Company participates in the “Joint Festival Conference”, a children's theatre festival with national and international companies taking place in some Japanese cities under the coordination of the Gekidan Urinko Theater Company.

Families is a show for children aged 1 to 5, a non-verbal performance that shows with simplicity and lightness how today the concept of family is diversified.

In a place that could be a shop window, two characters set up the spaces. Through a game of mannequins and clothes, the two tell the variety and natural complexity of life: the love of parents for their child, the anxiety of a divorce, the expectation of a little brother, the traditional family and the one with two mothers or two fathers, or a family with grandparents.
Many different families, but united by love and respect. And what emerges, in addressing such a delicate topic, is the primary importance of the concept of family based on emotional relationships, beyond the usual roles.

Families will be staged in Obu (August 6, 11:00 am, at the Komorebi Hall), in Nagakute (August 7, at the Nagakute Cultural Center, scheduled at 11 am and 02 pm), in Seki (at the Seki City Culture Hall, August 11, 11 am and 02 pm), and in Niihama (at the Agakane Museum, August 13, 02 pm).

On August 13, after the performance, Andrea Buzzetti and Lorenzo Monti will also participate in a meeting organized by the Agakane Museum, open to both professionals and the public of families (05:00 pm).


Gekidan Urinko Theater Company

Nagakute Cultural Center

Agakane Museum

La Baracca – Teatro Testoni Ragazzi

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