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France – The Centro Cinema Cesena at the Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt

The exhibition “Regards au féminin” is dedicated to the Italian female directors of the new millennium

The Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt – one of the major Italian film festivals abroad – is in full swing (October 28-November 13).

Alongside the Official Competition and Panorama Selections, in this 45th edition the Retrospective pays homage to Lina Wertmüller, the director Francesca Archibugi is awarded the prestigious Amilcar Prize, and a particular section is dedicated to female filmmakers, with eleven contemporary works scheduled.

Women protagonists, therefore, and in support of the theme, the Festival presents a rich photographic exhibition curated by the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena, which for years has been a consolidated partner of the event.

In the history of Italian cinema from the post-war period onwards, Lina Wertmüller was a rare exception as a female director, but starting from the new millennium the number of female directors has been increasing with time. Excluding Cristina Comencini and a few others whose journey began between the 1980s and 90s, all the new female authors appeared on the film scene in the 2000s. And another circumstance should be noted: the case of prominent actresses passing behind the camera, like Laura Morante, Valeria Golino, Asia Argento, and Jasmine Trinca.

The exhibition Regards au féminin (Feminine views), conceived by the Centro Cinema Cesena director Antonio Maraldi, documents this interesting situation and its ‘effects’.

The images on display show that on the one hand there is greater attention to stories and events focused on women and, on the other, how this has allowed the growth of a generation of new actresses of sure talent.

All the photos come from the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena archives and in particular from the “CliCiak” fund, the competition designed to enhance the work by set photographers.

Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt

Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

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