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ErosAntEros at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg

The show “Confini” on stage from June 11 to 15

The new show by ErosAntEros revolves around fundamental questions and unresolved issues in the history of the European Union: borders and their complex meaning.

Confini goes back to the origins of the European identity, going through a century of industrial revolutions, wars and economic crises.

Performers of different languages and nationalities give body and voice to the stories of Italian miners emigrated to Belgium in the 1950s and to political figures who marked important stages in the history of the Union, but also, with sorties into "future history", to humans from the future, survivors of planetary disasters.
So, the individuals’ small history dialogues with great History, to project itself towards tomorrow and ask questions about today. What is a border? What really separates men? And why, after 70 years from the first European economic agreements, is it not yet possible to share a political vision?

Confini is a project started in 2018 and developed in the following two years through numerous residences in Italy and Luxembourg. Agata Tomšič and Davide Sacco met various collaborators, carried out research and made an artistic sodality with Italo-Luxembourgish writer Ian De Toffoli, who was entrusted with the drafting of the text.

The show is an international co-production. Among the partners, the Théâtre National du Luxembourg itself, which welcome it on June 11, 12, 14 and 15.
On June 14, after the performance, a talk with ErosAntEros, Ian De Toffoli, Marco Lorenzini, and Remo Ceccarelli, moderated by Florian Hirsch.


TNL - Théâtre National du Luxembourg


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