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Spain – Instabili Vaganti’s investigation of the seven Arts

Sculpture is the focus of the fourth episode of the web theatre series “SIE7E”

Instabili Vaganti theatre company and Spanish collective Cross Border continue their investigation of the seven Arts with a new episode of the web theatre series “SIE7E”.

The series explores seven arts in as many episodes, using a transmedia language which involves artists of different disciplines and combines theatre, visual, and audiovisual art.

The project is promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid and made with the collaboration of Teatro de la Abadía. It premiered on February 25 and will last until May 20.

The fourth episode of “SIE7E” is dedicated to Sculpture, after those on Architecture, Dance, and Visual arts already released.

Director Anna Dora Dorno, performer Nicola Pianzola, and musician and composer Riccardo Nanni have worked in distance with Spanish director, actor, and dramatist Jordi Pérez, author of the texts and playing as the narrator.
The human body is the instrument offered to the narration, in which the physicalness of the performer is constantly referred to the plasticity of the sculpture works –mimesis of man.

The location chosen for this episode is really charming: thanks to the Municipality of Bologna and the Istituzione Bologna Musei, the company could work in the plaster cast gallery of the Archaeological Civic Museum.

“After the L’Esprit Nouveau Pavilion, that was the set for Dance and Architecture, we could work in another historical place of Bologna that opened its doors and became the natural scenic design of our narration” say the Instabili Vaganti, and thank the Museum for let them animate the sculptures displayed in the Gipsoteca “in our own poetic”.

The web theatre series “SIE7E” is one of the works created within “Beyond Borders”, intercultural project of artistic creation in distance conceived and directed by Instabili Vaganti theatre company which is supported by the Municipality of Bologna and Emilia-Romagna Region.

Until May 20, every two weeks, the episodes are released on Instabili Vaganti, Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid, and Teatro de la Abadía websites and social channels.


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