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Many initiatives in Emilia-Romagna to stay in touch with art and culture

In these difficult times due to the Coronavirus emergency that has forced the closure of exhibition venues, museums tell their cultural heritage online through digital technologies.

Here are some of the many initiatives taking place in Emilia-Romagna, available on social media, regional platform Lepida Tv, websites.

MAMbo - Museum of Modern Art, Bologna
2 minutes of MAMbo: a new video uploaded every day, from Tuesday to Sunday, at 3pm, on YouTube channel and relaunched on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Themes: MAMbo's permanent collection, the Morandi Museum, the activities of the Educational Department, the temporary exhibition AGAINandAGAINandAGAINand.

Archaeological Museum, Bologna
The "pills" of the Museum: short bilingual videos, some also in Sign Language (LIS), tell characters, objects, history of the collections and the current exhibition Etruscans. Journey to the lands of the Rasna". On Facebook and YouTube channel.

International Museum and Library of Music, Bologna
#lapausafapartedellamusica: short videos made with some guest musicians tell the most significant objects of the collection, to the accompaniment of live music. On the Facebook page.

Museum of the Risorgimento, Bologna
La Storia #aportechiuse: a live Facebook schedule of different voices to share art and history, spend a few minutes in company, and offer hints to deepen from home events, people, art works of our country. At the end of each live broadcast, users can dialogue with the author of the video contribution in the comments to the video itself.
Moreover, the Storia e Memoria di Bologna website and YouTube channel are an inexhaustible mine of information, documents, and images on the history of the city from the Napoleonic period to 1945. 

Industrial Heritage Museum, Bologna
On the Museum's Facebook and Instagram pages, a series of short videos narrate the museum's collection and the industrial history of the city.

Civic Museums of Ancient Art, Bologna
Short videos made by the curators and researchers tell about the exhibitions currently not accessible due to the suspension of the opening of the venues: Imago splendida at the Civic Museum of the Middle Ages, and Il Camino dei Fenicotteri at the Davia Bargellini Museum. On Facebook.

Museum of the Cathedral, Piacenza
"Stories from the Closed Museum": virtual tours led by those who work in the Museum every day. On YouTube channel.

MIC – International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza
The MIC has the most important and rich collection of ceramics in the world, representing productions from all the ages and continents - ancient Egypt, Far East, pre-Columbian cultures, Italian Renaissance, contemporary international great Masters. Every morning, on Facebook, the story of a work, every afternoon, on YouTube, interviews to master ceramists from Faenza. 

Estensi Galleries, Modena, Ferrara, Sassuolo
Short videos tell the collections and the different artistic techniques. On the Museum's YouTube channel.

Other on demand videos on museums and cultural heritage of Emilia-Romagna are available on Lepida TV

Virtual tours of museums and collections on the websites:



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