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#laculturanonsiferma. And with ERT #ioleggoacasa

Emilia-Romagna Teatro proposes readings of great novels and paths between theatre and philosophy

Since the first days of March, when activities were suspended even in places of culture, Emilia-Romagna Teatro has wanted to give a testimony in such a delicate moment and remember that "even if on the margins, theatre is there - and it insists on teaching us to-be-for-others".

The first proposal launched on its social channels was a streaming reading marathon of La coscienza di Zeno by Italo Svevo.
A cornerstone of the twentieth century, an ironic and ruthless novel, bizarre and extreme, that teaches us how difficult it is to think without knowing how to laugh. The reading curated by the actors of ERT permanent company, is now available on YouTube.

ERT then presented, in collaboration with Emilia-Romagna Region, the daily episode reading of Emilio Salgari's novel Le tigri di Mompracem, one of the most popular adventure novels ever, which has marked our imagination.
The episodes, broadcasted on the channels of EmiliaRomagnaCreativa and Lepida Tv as part of the schedule of #laculturanonsiferma, are now available on demand on Lepida Tv.

Another episodic trip to a faraway land is proposed in collaboration with the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation: Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, one of the most exciting classics for children, but able to give amazement and adventure to young and old.
The 14 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes, starting from March 28 and for 14 consecutive days, are made available on the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation's website and YouTube channel.

The two-part reading of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso by actor Lino Guanciale has been created exclusively for #laculturanonsiferma as a special tribute to Emilia-Romagna --to Reggio Emilia, where Ariosto was born, to Ferrara, where he lived at the Estensi court and composed the epic poem. Now available on demand on Lepida Tv.

A different approach to great classics, also proposed for #laculturanonsiferma schedule, is on the contrary a path in five stages interweaving theatre and philosophy, now available on demand on Lepida Tv.
Five mise en espace born in recent years from the synergy between ERT and the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo of Modena, with texts from:

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