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”Keep your Window open to the World”

A call by the European Commission for young Africans, Europeans and from the Mediterranean

On the occasion of the 2020 Africa Day, the European Union launched the initiative ‘Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours' which, during the period of forced confinement caused by the emergence of COVID-19, offered young people and students from Africa, Europe and Middle East the opportunity to open a window of “cultural breaking-out” and better know and discover different cultures through African, European and Southern Mediterranean films.

During 27 days of programming, from May 9th to June 4Th, a selection of 40 high quality films was presented on the platform, and also the Emilia-Romagna Region shared the EU initiative promoting a programming of films and music dedicated to Africa on its platform Lepida Tv from May 25th to 29th.

Now the initiative goes on with ”Keep your Window open to the World”. From June 6th to 12th, a "best of" selection will allow to watch or review the films which most raised interest, subdivided under the categories: Documentaries, Shorts, First long-features, films awarded at important Festivals, Women Directors, and the best African and best European film chosen by the public (Meet AfricaMeet Europe).

Among them, My Brother Chases Dinosaurus by Stefano Cipani - film entirely shot in Emilia-Romagna and supported by the regional Film Commission which debuted at the 76th Venice International Film Festival in the section ‘Giornate degli Autori’, and A Tropical Sunday, short shot in Mozambique by Fabián Ribezzo - author born in Argentina but resident in Emilia-Romagna, scheduled also in the Emilia-Romagna Region programming.

The EU call ”Keep your Window open to the World” invites young Africans, Europeans and from the Mediterranean between 18 and 30 years old who shared the initiative, to send a written contribution about own impressions, their thoughts about the different issues raised or touched by the films presented within “Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours”.
The best contributions will be published on the website and contributors will be invited to participate in the next debates the European Commission is organizing on the theme “building the societies and cities of the future” on the way towards the “EuropAfrica week” of the end of October, on the occasion of the Europe-Africa Summit.

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