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Dantedì: appointments in Emilia-Romagna

The region participates in the tribute to the Sommo Poeta promoted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage

The region Emilia-Romagna shares the first edition of the national day dedicated to Dante Alighieri with a series of online events. We mention some of them, and you can refer to the attachment for those announced by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, but please… follow the hashtags #Dantedì, #ioleggodante!

Actress Ermanna Montanari and dramatist Marco Martinelli of Teatro delle Albe company read the Divine Comedy. Ermanna plays the famous verses of Inferno, Canto XXX, on Count Ugolino’s story, while Marco narrates about Brunetto Latini, Inferno, Canto XV. (watch)

The Teatro delle Albe – which has been developing an extensive research Dante for many years, joins also the initiative promoted by the Ravenna Festival. The Festival asked the artists from Ravenna to dedicate a tribute to Dante. Throughout the day, the contributions are published on the Festival’s Facebook page and will be collected in a playlist at the end of the event.

The University of Bologna proposes a reading marathon, curated by Professor of Italian Literature Giuseppe Ledda, which involves professors in Bologna and writers and poets who studied in the city and are now working elsewhere.

The Estensi Galleries publish a virtual exhibit of images of the Divine Comedy from matchboxes produced by Editore Formiggini.

Emilia-Romagna Region broadcasts on  Lepida Tv, within the schedule of the online festival #laculturanonsiferma, the video L'ultimo sorriso di Beatrice” - Paradiso XXXIII.

Emilia-Romagna regional government has given a contribution of 1 million and 500 thousand euro to the Municipality of Ravenna for the great Dante anniversary in the year 2021, and today, on the occasion of the Dantedì, the regional Institute for Cultural Heritage IBC launches its vast exhibit programme for the celebrations: the exhibition A riveder le stelle, set in the Libraries and Archives of Emilia-Romagna, world famous and treasured places as the Malatestiana in Cesena or Archiginnasio in Bologna. The ‘extended’ exhibition will enhance precious manuscripts, rare prints, documents related to the diffusion of Dante’s works.

Ravenna, where there is the Tomb of Dante, is the hearth of the project, but the exhibition itinerary runs along the Via Emilia, from Rimini to Piacenza, involving a large audience of students, teachers, tourists.

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