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United States – World premiere of “Tutto Liscio!” by Igor Maltagliati

A story about the Romagna land and its values. On February 17th, at Los Angeles, Italia - Film, Fashion and Art fest

Everything's Going Smooth (Tutto Liscio!) tells the story of Brando Brown and his band ‘Tutto Liscio’. Brando is a third-generation singer from Romagna who leads a folk group just like his grandfather Primo Bruni did in the past. The 'Tutto Liscio' are going through a crisis and risk to break up, but Brando's daughter and his closest friend plan a strategy to try to revive the destiny of the group, involving his ex-wife: to let them participate in an international contest of liscio orchestras.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta, protagonist of the film with Piero Maggiò, will present the world premiere of Everything's Going Smooth by Igor Maltagliati at the 'Los Angeles, Italia fest', an event of which she is also president together with Hyma Washington and Igino Straffi.

Presented as «a story about Romagna and its values», the film is almost all from Romagna, except for the female protagonist Maria Grazia Cucinotta and the director Igor Maltagliati. It is produced by Piero Maggiò’s 'La Famiglia Film' based in Rimini; several actors are from Romagna, beside Maggiò himself who also plays the lead role, Ivano Marescotti, Giuseppe Giacobazzi or Samuele Sbrighi, to name a few; the soundtrack is by Mirko Casadei, third generation of the most famous Italian Orchestra in the world, constituted in Emilia-Romagna in 1928, and Raul and Mirko Casadei are part of the cast. Mirko Casadei also signed the theme song of the film, with the arrangement of musician Stefano Nanni from Cesena.

'La Famiglia Film' is a young film and television production and distribution company in Rimini that is committed to recovering and spreading the traditions of Romagna. Everything's Going Smooth, made in and around Rimini, has received the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission.

On February 17th, Igor Maltagliati and Piero Maggiò will present the film together with Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Los Angeles, Italia - Film, Fashion and Art fest

Los Angeles, Italia - Film, Fashion and Art fest

La Famiglia Film

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