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United States – “we want miles, in a silent way” by gruppo nanou

The company’s new creation premieres within La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival. In New York, from the 26th to the 28th of April

The dance and performing arts company gruppo nanou was created in Ravenna in 2004 as a meeting place for the different artistic researches characterizing the work by Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci, and Roberto Rettura, who fund in choreography their common language, able to let their specializations converse.

In this new creation, debuting in New York within the La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival, gruppo nanou approaches the work by Miles Davis and, investigating the musician’s improvisation and compositional methodology, ‘translates’ his language into choreography.

And they do this ‘in a silent way’, removing the trumpet, subtracting his music, and concentrating on the 'perceptive destabilization' Miles created methodologically through all his work.

In the performance, the color of light, the space, the time and the timbres of the bodies follow a paradigm of 'permanent instability', in a continuous process of definition, alteration, loss and reconstruction of structures.


La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

gruppo nanou

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