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MM Contemporary Dance Company on tour in Morocco

The double-bill “The Rite Of Spring / Bolero” on stage in Rabat and Casablanca on March 31st and April 2nd

The MM Contemporary Dance Company, directed by choreographer Michele Merola, was established in 1999 as a production center for events and performances and to promote festivals and workshops with the aim of fostering exchanges and alliances among Italian and international artists -testimonials and voices of contemporary culture.

In 2010, the Company wins the Dance&Dance Award for Best Emerging Company 2010, and nowadays it is indeed one of the most qualified on the Italian scene, with a well-established activity both in Italy and abroad.

In 2017, Michele Merola wins the Europaindanza Award – Award for distinguished achievement in the choreography, for the show Bolero.

Bolero is one of the two choreographies -together with The Rite Of Spring- presented in Morocco, on stage on March 31st in Rabat at the Théâtre National Mohammed V, one of the greatest artistic-cultural institutions of Rabat, and on April 2nd in Casablanca, at the Studio des Arts Vivants, another important cultural centre of the Country.

The interpretation of Le Sacre du Printemps by choreographer Enrico Morelli approaches Igor Stravinsky’s score respectfully. Le Sacre is inspired by an old Slavic legend, according to which every spring a virgin had to be ritually sacrificed, so that the land could flourish. Morelli’s work reflects the troubled dynamism of our times, looking for a way to fight new and old fears.
The profound meaning of the choreography is that until human beings go on in sacrificing their own kind to the blind violence of cannibalism, without respecting each other, culture glare and plainness of reason will never take over.

Michele Merola creates a new version of Ravel’s Bolero after a deep and long study on this obsessive and repetitive music. The choreographer’s inspiration focuses on the inexhaustible range of human relations, especially those related to couple relationship, in which we often note the mutual and irreconcilable distance between man and woman.

Composer Stefano Corrias intervened on Ravel’s music creating his own musical score, freely based on the Bolero but perfectly integrated with it, fitting in three different moments of choreography. The three fragments emphasize the most intimate -and more sincere- moments of each of us, when we are far from the gaze of others and from the deafening noise of the world.

MMCDC's tour in Marocco is realized thanks to the support by MiBAC, Italian Cultural Institute and Embassy of Italy in Rabat, Dante Alighieri Society /Committee of Casablanca (Consulate General of Italy), Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept.


Théâtre National Mohammed V

Studio des Arts Vivants

Italian Cultural Institute in Rabat

MM Contemporary Dance Company

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