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Greece – Castellucci at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival

“La vita nuova” on stage in Athens from July 6th to 9th

Romeo Castellucci is back to the Athens Festival with his last work, La vita nuova, that draws inspiration from Ernst Bloch’s The Spirit of Utopia.

In La vita nuova a group of men in a deserted and dusty parking lot are looking for a new beginning for humankind, a better way of living together. But better than what, since they do not believe any longer in present-day forms of social life? These ‘brothers’ want to construct ‘new domestic and aesthetic hearths’, rebelling against the dictatorship of perceptions and habits.

The performance, coproduced by Bozar and Kanal of Brussels and La Villette of Paris, premiered in Brussels last November just in the old garage of Citroën.

With this work, Castellucci proposes an exodus from theatre, the place that more than any other reflects the world, and indicates the moral direction taken by an art that turns to places and the concrete use of its objects.


The event is part of "Tempo Forte Italia- Eλλάδα 2019", a programme by the Embassy of Italy in Athens and the Dept for Performing Arts of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, along with cultural institutions, foundations, museums, artists and friends of culture from Greece and Italy, aiming at bringing "more Italy to Greece and more Greece to Italy".

Also the concert by Riccardo Muti The Roads of Friendship – Ravenna-Athens  and the performances by Aterballetto programmed within the Athens & Epidaurus Festival are part of “Tempo Forte Italia-Grecia 2019”.


Athens & Epidaurus FestivalAthens & Epidaurus Festival


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