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Serbia – “Dentro le cose” with Laminarie

The company’s new project is presented at the NOVA Festival. In Pancevo and in Belgrade, on October, 5th and 7th

Dentro le cose (complete original title: Between the contemporary languages of the theatre and visual arts - Dentro le cose) is the result of previous artistic journeys created by Laminarie around “exemplary figures” who have denied consent to the blind force of power opening luminous holes of change to which Laminarie has dedicated works, performances and monographs over the years.
Dentro le cose has been started on the traces of Jackson Pollock in New York and Costantin Brancusi's journey from Eastern Europe to Paris.

The performance comes from the union of different scenes taken from three previous shows created by Laminarie: Proiezione Verticale - avvicinamento a Constantin Brancusi (2012), Jackson Pollock - l’azione non agente (2008), Esagera - dedicato a Varlam Šalamov (2000). These three plays are connected in the synthesis of scenographic structures, performative actions, music and texts that take new life inside the things.

On October 5th, the performance is staged in Pancevo within the festival of avant-garde art "NOVA", taking place in Pancevo, Kovin and Belgrade from the 2nd to the 12th of October.

On October 7th, still within the Nova Festival, a meeting with the company is also programmed, in which Laminarie will talk about its creative process.

The tour of the theatre company based in Bologna is realized thanks to the support by Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept and the collaboration by the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade.

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