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La Società della Civetta in Switzerland and in Montenegro

The show “1+1” is on stage at the LongLake Festival Lugano (June 30th) and at the Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children (July 4th)

Different worlds. Two men, coming from far away, start living close but marking their own borders. An invisible wall separates them and they are able to communicate only through “yes” and “no”.

The two carry on with the normal day-to-day life and contrasts of two neighbours, but as time go by, they will discover that their lives are complementary. When one of them unexpectedly decides to leave the place, the other, finding himself alone, will have no choice but to leave as well.

1+1 is an Italian-Iranian co-production, a collaboration between “La Società della Civetta”, company based in Bologna, and “Nano & Aroosak”, award-winning children theatre company based in Esfahan, with the support of Dramatic Art Center of Tehran and Ordibehest Institute of Esfahan.

In 2017, the show won the Jury Prize at the 13th “100, 1000, 1000000 Stories Festival” of Bucarest.

On June 30th it will be in Lugano, guest of the LongLake Festival, to move then to Kotor in Montenegro, where on July 4th it will be staged within the 26th Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children/ Kotorski Festival pozorišta za djecu.


LongLake Festival Lugano

Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children


La Società della Civetta

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