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Hungary - Exhibition "Design is Ability"

At the "Budapest Design Week", Open Design Italia presents four projects revealing the bond between designer and enterprise. From October 8th to November 3rd

Created in 2010, Open Design Italia is an independent platform for the incubation and promotion of creativity. It organizes an international contest-based event -curated by Elena Santi and Laura Succini- aiming at networking professionals, creatives, and companies.

Open Design Italia -which was one of the 100 “Italian design ambassadors” in the world in the Italian Design Day on March 1st 2018, is now in Budapest, on the occasion of the "Budapest Design Week", with a new exhibition proposing four creatives chosen from the participants of the six editions of the event.

This exhibit is the fourth of an internationalization programme for the promotion of the Made in Italy and independent creativity -Italian and from Emilia Romagna- that Open Design Italia is developing together with national and international entities and with the support of Emilia-Romagna Region Culture dept.

The exhibition Design is Ability aims at revealing the convergence of thoughts and intents which involves the designer and the company. The selected works demonstrate this close relationship through which the creative and the manufacturing processes meet to develop a product with local traits and a global perspective.

The exhibition is realized thanks to the co-operation and support by the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest, where it is set from October 8th to November 3rd.

Open Design Italia

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