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France – “Nuova Barberia Carloni” by Teatro Necessario

The performance is guest of the Festival international de l’humour in Cossé-le-Vivien, on October 3rd

Three elegant and clumsy barbers are awaiting customers for the opening of their new barber shop: a place where everything may happen, amidst a haircut or a beard or mustache shaving, or a tooth check…

Music, acrobatics, juggling and funny gags are the ingredients of an unforgettable session. Shamans and doctors, genuine artists of the scalp determined to sort out any problem to a chorus of lotions, the barber/musicians proudly show off their gestural talent… confident that the customer will leave clean and smooth-faced, with body regenerated and spirit elevated.

The performance is staged at Les Embuscades – Festival international de l’humour à la campagne.


Les Embuscades – Festival international de l’humour à la campagne

Teatro Necessario

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