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France – “Italian cinema between table and kitchen”

The exhibit curated by the Centro Cinema Cesena is set at the Rencontres du cinéma italien in Toulouse until December 15th

The exhibition Italian cinema between table and kitchen presents images of films in which cooking and food play a central part. Food has always marked, both in absence and in abundance, Italian cinema and full-length films were built around the table and the kitchen, or even in large part taking place in those spaces.

Starting from Obsession by Luchino Visconti (1943) to end with Perfect strangers by Paolo Genovese (2016), the exhibit proposes a gallery of images of films by great authors -as Fellini, Rossellini, Pasolini, Scola- and of various genres -comedies and dramas, but also a western and a musical-, interpreted both by celebrities and second-rate actors and actresses. All of them in any case play with a wide range of moods: in front of a plate, alone or in company, one can laugh, cry, get upset, soften or abandon to sadness.

The excellent imagines, realized by many of the best still photographers of several generations, come from the funds of the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena, and in some cases are unpublished and proposed for the first time.

The exhibit curated by director of the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena Antonio Maraldi is set within the Rencontres du cinéma italien in Toulouse from November 29th to December 12th.


Rencontres du cinéma italien à Toulouse

Centro Cinema Città di Cesena

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