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Brazil - Kinè and Luca Magi at the Brasilia International Film Festival

“Stories of the Half-Light” by Luca Magi is in competition in the section "Documentary". From 10th to 15th November

Stories of the Half-Light by Luca Magi tells about people in a night shelter for homeless in the outskirts of a big Italian city, the Rostom. In the past, the director had worked in a night shelter for homeless in Bologna for years, and now tells about his striking experience.

The film is produced by the Bolognese Kinè, in collaboration with the UK-Italian production company Vezfilm and is supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region Audio-visual Fund.

Recently presented at the Festival du Film Italien de Villerupt and at the Tirana International Film Festival, now it participates the 6th BIFF – Brasília International Film Festival, in competition in the section "Documentary".

Stories of the Half-Light  is «a profoundly political film which, with militant dignity, looks at those who are habitually represented like skinny silhouettes, people without bodies or without names. Here, these men and women finally conquer a territory that belongs to them alone: that of dreams» (Elena López Riera).

Screenings on November 10th, 14th and 15th, different places and hours.


BIFF – Brasília International Film Festival


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