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The measure of El Dorado

Monograph on Agostino Codazzi (Lugo, 1793 - Espiritu Santo, 1859), one of the fathers of the cartography of South America
Agostino Codazzi

Better known in America than in Italy, the figure of Giovanni Battista Agostino Codazzi brings together and combines the salient features of the Romagna man: curiosity, the spirit of adventure, generosity and practical sense.

A soldier, traveler and man of science, Codazzi lived in a period between the last Enlightenment barbells and the affirmation of Positivism, between the French Revolution and the great social and economic crisis that devastated Europe in the mid-nineteenth century.

He lived in the middle of the Romantic era, and from Romanticism changed the taste for adventure and heroic gesture, the pleasure of loneliness and the charm of the unknown, respect for nature and faith in man. But he also knew how to embrace the rationalistic drives that had characterized the Enlightenment, and it is precisely from this fusion that the great geographer of tropical America emerges.

The monograph The measure of El Dorado - Life and exploits of an Emilian-Romagna geologist in South America was produced by Emilia-Romagna Region and the Italian-Latin American Institute in 2003.

Curated by Giorgio Antei, it includes writings in Italian and Spanish, as well as a rich bibliographic and iconographic kit.

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