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Poland – Aterballetto at the Lodz Ballet Festival

The company presents the double bill 'Yeled / Secus', with choreographies by Eyal Dadon and Ohad Naharin. May 16-17

The Lodz Ballet Festival is the oldest and most prestigious ballet festival in Poland. Since its first edition (1968), it has hosted all the most prominent dance companies in the world and also in this 27th edition the stage of the Lodz Grand Theatre welcomes the creations by famous choreographers and companies from the international contemporary scene.

Aterballetto is one of the 'special guests' of the Lodz Ballet Festival, where the company performs for the first time.
The whole company of sixteen dancers presents the double bill Yeled / Secus, creations signed by Israeli choreographers Eyal Dadon and Ohad Naharin – a performance that will also complement the panorama of Israeli contemporary dance proposed by the festival in this edition.

Yeled, Hebrew for ‘child’, brings to the stage the reflection that Eyal Dadon, along with the dancers of Aterballetto, has explored on the moment in life when one loses the innocence of childhood.

Secus by Ohad Naharin is an audaciously quirky choreography in which joy, vulnerability, fear, innocence, confusion, and anger weave a harmonic and dynamic canvas oscillating between delicacy and exaggeration.

Aterballetto is on stage at the Grand Theatre Lodz on May 16 and 17 (7 pm).


Grand Theatre Łódź

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto

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