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French premiere of "Insel" by Panzetti / Ticconi

At Le Manège in Reims on February 8 and 9

Le Manège in Reims will welcome the French premiere of Insel, Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi's new work.

The artistic duo’s research has often explored a physical and tangible place to reflect on its symbolic content. In this new creation – the first developed with four performers, they are interested in the symbolism of the island ('Insel' in German) and more precisely in the peculiarity of the island situation, between isolation and cohabitation.

On stage, two castaways, accompanied by their shadows, on a desert island. In this new condition of solitude, each one sinks into introspection and self-pity, without worrying about the other, while the earth rumbles and an ancestral voice rises from the depths of the island. In the form of an initiatory ritual, this captivating song associated with the telluric vibrations gradually cracks the selfish narcissism of individuals to make way for the raising of a possible community. Amplified by the original music by Demetrio Castellucci and traditional Sardinian songs performed by tenor Gavino Murgia, this danced allegory highlights our contradictions and our vulnerability in front of adversity.

Le Manège, scène-nationale in Reims is among the international co-producers of Insel and will host the performance on February 8 (8 pm) and February 9 (7:30 pm) at the Théâtre du manèg.
Insel is also part of the programme of the 5th edition of the multidisciplinary festival FARaway – Festival des Arts à Reims (January 30-February 10).


Le Manège, scène-nationale de Reims

FARaway – Festival des Arts à Reims

Ginevra Panzetti / Enrico Ticconi

Associazione culturale VAN

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