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Teatro delle Ariette at Passages Transfestival 2023 - Transitalia

On May 18 to 20, the theatre company presents "NATURAL THEATRE? Me, the couscous and Albert Camus".

Teatro delle Ariette theatre company is among the guest artists of Passages Transfestival – international performing arts festival that every year crosses the city of Mezt and its metropolitan area with shows, meetings, concerts, screenings, workshops, readings.

Each edition of the festival is dedicated to a specific geopolitical area, and this year Italy gives the title to the event: Transitalia.

Teatro delle Ariette is on stage with NATURAL THEATRE? Me, the couscous and Albert Camus, a show that “tells a story happened many years ago to talk about today”.

Stefano Pasquini tells a little personal odissey made of meetings, discoveries, defeats and travels, from Bologna to France and from France to the Mediterranean, to Spain and Algeria, in the summer of 1978, when he was seventeen. In a few months, these experiences let him meet 50 years of culture and history of the Mediterranean: Italy in the years of terrorism, Spain of the Civil War and then under Franco's dictatorship, Algeria as a French colony first, then fighting for independence.
He also tells the encounter with love, which made him eat his first couscous and discover The Stranger by Albert Camus – a book that changed his life and put him in front of the never-ending conflict between natural man and social man.

As we read in the presentation by the Festival, this show is “sharing couscous and stories”, because, in Teatro delle Ariette’s opinion, “theatre is only in the present” and the couscous they are preparing in the meantime is a flavour of memories that live in the present, together with the spectators.

NATURAL THEATRE? is scheduled from May 18 to 20 (7 pm). In homage to the Transitalia festival, the performance on May 20 is in Italian language.


Passages Transfestival 2023 - TransItalia

Teatro delle Ariette

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