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Motus in Norway

In artistic residency and on stage at the RIMI/IMIR SceneKunst (RISK) in Stavanger

Motus has been in Norway for several days, guest of the RIMI/IMIR SceneKunst (RISK) in Stavanger.

The centre hosts one of the company’s artistic residencies to create the new show Frankenstein (a love story).

Motus defines its "new creature" as « a monstrous project composed by stitching together different episodes and the desire to breathe life back into the inanimate, galvanizing it by breaking it down and reassembling literary pieces. A show about Frankenstein that is itself (a) Frankenstein ».

With the dramaturgical collaboration by Ilenia Caleo and original writing by Paul B. Preciado, Motus is investigating themes that Mary Shelley first devised and that are found in our present time: the “monstrous offspring”, the dangerous boundary between the living and the non-living, the radical loneliness of an unheard creature.

The RISK will also host the performances Tutto brucia (Everything Burns) and You were nothing but wind.

Tutto brucia is Motus' re-writing of Euripides' Trojan Women through the words of various contemporary authors. In a ceaseless interweaving of live music and singing, dance and performance, those women’s lament spreads through that “black” Mediterranean which – then as now – is the scene of conquests, migrations, and diasporas.

You were nothing but wind is one of the two spin-off performances of Tutto Brucia, a performance-study on the figure of Hecuba. In Euripides’ Hecuba, Polymystor predicts that she will turn into a “black bitch with eyes of fire”: Silvia Calderoni embodies this fierce woman, translating her grief, despair, fury into howls/words.

Tutto Brucia is on stage on May 26 and 27 in Stavanger, at the RISK, while You were nothing but wind will be on stage on June 3rd in Flørli, in Lysefjorden, within the (((O)))utpost Flørli 2023, the annual festival organized by RISK to brings artists and audience in close contact and dialogue with one another and the idyllic surroundings of the village. Over a long weekend, the festival proposes performances, concerts, visual art, workshops, and talks in a packed program from sunrise to sunset.

  • Tutto Brucia
  • You were nothing but wind
  • Frankenstein (a love story)



(((O)))utpost Flørli 2023


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