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Hungary – MM Contemporary Dance Company at the 10th International Theatre Olympics

On May 18 maggio at the Szeged National Theatre, "BALLAD", the show winner of the Danza&Danza Award 2022 as Best Italian Production

MM Contemporary Dance Company is on stage in Szeged in the frame of the 10th International Theatre Olympics, at the invitation of the Szeged National Theatre and the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company.

The company directed by choreographer Michele Merola presents BALLAD, the new show winner of the Danza&Danza Award 2022 as “Best Italian Production”.

BALLAD is composed of two unpublished choreographies by two Italian authors, Mauro Bigonzetti and Enrico Morelli. A double portrait of an era, the show is a journey between the present and the past, among poetry, dreams and fears of distant but close generations.

Ballad by Mauro Bigonzetti is a full-fledged portrait of the Eighties. A narration through musical images that recovers the sensations of a generation – its erased euphories, the collective nonsense, its "dreams thrown into the sea", but which at the same time rediscovers the lifestyle of those years, the scents of its vitality and the dense experimental artistic creativity.
The narration is also inspired by writer Pier Vittorio Tondelli’s work, and is woven along a musical dramaturgy that draws on various authors protagonists of that period, from Prince to the anarchic genius of Frank Zappa, to the profound poetry of Leonard Cohen, up to the punk and existential aesthetics of the group CCCP – Fedeli alla linea.

On the contrary, Elegia_care landscape by Enrico Morelli tells about our current era, a period that brings dizziness and bewilderment as never before, but also the renewed hope of a new beginning. A choral dance populated by individuals in search of an identity, of their own route. A tale of lost moments and relationships, coupled with the search, in one's memory, for images and landscapes that used to be familiar and comforting to us.
A whirlwind of lines and trajectories meet and intertwine, in an apparent primordial chaos until the return of quiet, in view of a new rebirth. A praise of care, of paying attention to others, amplified by the words taken from Mariangela Gualtieri’s poems.

BALLAD is on stage at the Szeged National Theatre on May 18 (7 pm).

The tour is made with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiC), Emilia-Romagna Region and ATER Fondazione, with the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest.


10th International Theatre Olympics

Szeged National Theatre

MM Contemporary Dance Company

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