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Germany – The international debut of Motus theatre company's new show

"Frankenstein (a love story)" at the Kampnagel in Hamburg on October 26-28

Motus theatre company presents his new work – new “creature” – as «a monstrous project composed by stitching together different episodes and the desire to breathe life back into the inanimate, galvanizing it by breaking it down and reassembling literary pieces»; from Mary Shelley's "monstrous progeny" to contemporary ramifications in posthuman philosophy.

Starting from the story of the famous novel and those atmospheres, from the imagination, the characters, the implications and interpretations, the biography of the author herself, Motus’s Frankenstein creates a complex architecture, crossed with other themes and suggestions that belong to our present time.
On stage, three figures symbiotically intertwine: MS, Victor, and the creature. They explore the landscape on the border between what is "normal" and what is not considered so. At the centre, the nameless creature’s questions, and his perception of the world of the Others.

Frankenstein (a love story) is an international production by Motus with ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro, TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa, Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER in Gent, and Kampnagel in Hamburg.

After the world premiere at the Arena del Sole /ERT theatre in Bologna on October 14-15, the Hamburg Kulturfabrik will host the international debut of the show from October 26 to 28 (7:30pm). The company meets the audience after the performance on the 27th.


Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik


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