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Germany – Teatro Due Mondi at the “licht.blicke” Festival

The company presents “Rossini Flambé”. In Nuremberg, on February 14-15

The 12th licht.blicke – international theatre festival for young audiences organized every two years by Gostner Hoftheater, the oldest independent theatre in Nuremberg – takes place in Nuremberg from February 13 to 17.

This edition hosts the shows by eight companies from five different countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain), as well as presentation and in-depth meetings for students, general public and professionals.

Teatro Due Mondi is on stage on February 14 and 15, performing Rossini Flambé, a funny and wild piece for adults and children, in which songs, lyrics and comic situations mix themes ranging from ingredients in the kitchen to love, from wine to the pleasures of life.

It is an “opera buffa in the kitchen”, as stated in the subtitle: «We thought of the kitchen as a place of conviviality par excellence and of theatre and music as spaces for sharing stories and emotions», says Teatro Due Mondi artistic director and director Alberto Grilli.

Starting from the sounds of opera buffa and Italian popular music, Antonella Talamonti (Giovanna Marini's historical collaborator) composed the original music and arrangements that alternate Rossini’s most famous overtures.

From scene to scene, the unbridled cooks draw the audience into a whirlwind of unforeseen situations, love skirmishes, spite and culinary disasters, successes and triumphs of taste and pleasure..


12.licht.blicke Internationales Theaterfestival

Gostner Hoftheater

Teatro Due Mondi

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