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Germany – "All Stars Stuttgart für die Romagna"

On September 24 in Stuttgart, a charity concert in support of the Romagna after the destructive flooding of May 2023.

The Associazione Emilia-Romagna in Stuttgart (AERS) in co-operation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Stuttgart has organized a charity concert in support of the Romagna to raise funds for the reconstruction of the areas affected by the floods of May 2023 and express solidarity and closeness to the victims of this catastrophe.

Artists from the Stuttgart cultural scene are taking part:
Susanne Leitz-Lorey (soprano)
Serena Bellini (soprano and recorder)
Valerio Fasoli (transverse flute)
Carlo Forlivesi (organ)
Sergio Orabona (organ)
Alessandro Giaquinto (dance)
Yusa Furusawa (dance)

The programme includes music by Vincenzo Bellini, Dario Castello, Claude Debussy, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Vincenzo Petrali, Giuseppe Verdi, Antonio Vivaldi, and features choreographies by Alessandro Giaquinto (modern ballet) and Yusa Furusawa (Japanese traditional Jiuta-mai).

The concert takes place on September 24, at 6 pm, at the St. Maria Kirche (Tübinger Str. 36).

Associazione Emilia-Romagna in Stuttgart (AERS)

Italian Cultural Institute in Stuttgart

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