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France – Ginevra Panzetti / Enrico Ticconi at Passages Transfestival

On May 13 and 14, in Metz, the diptyc AeReA | ARA! ARA! and the video Silver Veiled.

The international performing arts festival Passages Transfestival is in full swing in Metz (May 3-21).

The event, which every year crosses and "transforms" the whole city and its metropolitan area, at each edition focuses on an identified and remarkable geopolitical zone. This year, Italy gives the subtitle to the event: Transitalia, and is at the centre of the programming of more than thirty transdisciplinary shows, meetings, concerts, screenings, workshops, readings.

Amongst the guests, Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi, artistic duo who is part of VAN, dance production centre based in Bologna that supports and produces the shows and projects by seven artists who share the interest in the renewal of language and the contamination of creative processes.

Panzetti and Ticconi present three creations which, drawing on the folkloristic tradition of flag waving, investigate the symbolic power of the flag, an object that since its beginning has always been used to express belonging and separation, marking the distinction between a hypothetical “us” and “them”: the choreographic diptych AeReA (May 13) and ARA! ARA! (May 14), and the video Silver Veiled (May 14).

Other Italian artists based in Emilia-Romagna were invited to Passages Transfestival – Transitalia: Teatro delle Ariette theatre company, on stage from May 18 to 20 with the performance Natural Theatre?.

Moreover, Santarcangelo Festival artistic director Tomasz Kireńczuk will attend the meeting Le théâtre italien entre résistance et (r)évolution (May 18).

Passages Transfestival – Transitalia is made in collaboration with and with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Strasbourg.


Passages Transfestival 2023 - Transitalia

Ginevra Panzetti / Enrico Ticconi

Associazione culturale VAN

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