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Brazil – La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi at the Paideia International Theater Festival for Children and Youth

From September 22 to 25 in São Paulo, the show “Home” and other activities of the European project "BABEL - or the Art of Listening in TYA".

The historic and award-winning show for children Home by La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi, staged in many countries around the world, arrives in Brazil for the first time. The show is part of the activities La Baracca will carry out at the 17th edition of "A window to utopia" - Paideia International Theater Festival for Children and Youth in São Paulo (September 21-26).

The festival is one of the associated partners of "BABEL - or the Art of Listening in TYA", a European large scale cooperation project that pursues the rights of children and youth to full cultural citizenship.

La Baracca is a co-creator and part of the project management team. The partners intend to investigate the opportunities given by artistic languages to create high-quality shows for children, overcoming the barrier of languages and potential misunderstanding, and fostering intercultural and intergenerational dialogue among children theatre operators.

Home is a show for children aged 1 to 4 and is part of a production line dedicated to the little ones that focuses on the dramaturgy of the body and the emotions. Shows without words, or with just a few, accompanied by actors’ actions, looking for a unity of image made of lights, sounds and moving objects. It tells the surreal story of a grown-up and a child who meet, get to know each other and, while playing, start ‘to build’. Home is on stage at the festival on September 22 and 23.

On September 25, La Baracca will present the Charter of Children's Rights to Art and Culture, curated by Roberto Frabetti: 18 principles supporting the right of boys and girls all around the world to access art and culture. These principles were illustrated by 22 artists and translated from Italian into 26 languages, and the Charter became an illustrated book, supported and awarded by the highest Italian and European institutions.

Moreover, the company will take part in the round tables, workshops and other activities of the BABEL project, made in collaboration with Red Escena Iberoamericana and CBTIJ- Centro Brasileiro de Teatro para a Infância e Juventude.

The participation of La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi at the festival is made possible thanks to the contribution of the Consulate General of Italy in São Paulo, Emilia-Romagna Region and ATER Fondazione, and the co-operation of Associazione Emilia-Romagna in São Paulo.


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La Baracca - Teatro Testoni Ragazzi

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