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Teatro Necessario on tour in France

From August 2 to 10, eight stages with the show “Nuova Barberia Carloni”

A long tour in France is starting for Teatro Necessario, which from August 2 to 10 takes the show Nuova Barberia Carloni to eight transalpine tourist resorts.

Like all the shows by the Company, which combine circus arts, theatrical techniques, miming, dance, music –always played live–, Nuova Barberia Carloni is based on the comic power of non-verbal language.

The protagonists are three elegant and clumsy barbers, ready to welcome customers in their new shop. The idea behind the show is to re-create the atmosphere of those times when the barber not only provided shave and haircut, but also sang, played music, served drinks, gave advice – in a word, he entertained his guests.

In the game, the stage is the barber’s shop itself, and the stalls with the audience, a large waiting room. Between acrobatics and juggling, clowning and overwhelming gags, the barbers are determined to entertain their guests and cure any problem with lotions. Between a haircut, a beard or moustache cut, or a dental check, the barbers-musicians proudly show off their talent, confident that the customer will leave clean and smooth-faced, his body regenerated and spirit elevated.

The tour of Nuova Barberia Carloni, made in collaboration with CCAS France, starts in Thonon-les-Bains (on August 2nd), goes on in Champanges (the 3rd), Morillon Les Esserts (the 4th), Les Sept Laux - Haut Bréda (the 5th), Le Monêtier-les-Bains (the 6th), Chorges (the 8th), Jausiers (the 9th), and ends in Savines-le-Lac (on August 10th).


Teatro Necessario

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