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Teatro Due Mondi in Norway

A workshop and a performance in the frame of the "Integrated - disintegrated" project. In Fredrikstad, July 26-30

"Integrated - disintegrated" is a project of collaboration between Teatro Due Mondi and Studium Actoris international theatre ensemble, born in 2014.
It is a programme of workshops and performances and is part of Studium Actoris’s “Highway of Culture” – an international network to create exchange projects with artists from other countries and cultures.

From July 26 to 30, Teatro Due Mondi takes its "participatory theatre" to Fredrikstad with the workshop “Borderless” and the show Wall Cracks.

“Borderless” is one of the projects developed by Teatro Due Mondi in its long experience of pedagogical activity, in which the theatrical and artistic work becomes an instrument for social inclusion.
The workshop is open to all the people who want to share the experience of being a refugee – no matter where they come from, their language or culture. Contents, reflections, and objectives are shared with the participants, without forgetting fun, irony, curiosity.

The workshop takes place in Kråkerøy, home of Studium Actoris, and at the end of the works some of the participants will be on stage together with the actors of Teatro Due Mondi in the street performance Wall Cracks, on July 30, in Old Fredrikstad.

This show, produced in the frame of the Mauerspringer (Wall Jumpers) European Project, is the result of the long creative process started in 2011, giving birth to the “Borderless” project.
Conceived and structured for open spaces, Wall Cracks tells about high walls of division: walls and barriers made of stone and barbed wire that are still being built, and that can become impassable, but also walls of fear and distrust, and individual boundaries created by the difficulty of relating between people or with oneself.

And taking into account that one of the different themes the "Integrated - disintegrated" project aims to address is the growing radicalization of young people, just in order to reach the younger audiences the show is proposed in the frame of the Månefestivalen (The Moon Festival) music festival.

Besides Studium Actoris, the partners of the project are: SAFT, Månefestivalen, Norsk Folkehjelp, Akroparken Fredrikstad, Gamlebyen Handelsforening, Tourist office "Visit Fredrikstad og Hvaler", Norwegian Ministry for Culture, Region Viken, Town of Fredrikstad.
The event has the support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo.


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