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Romania – Romeo Castellucci at Babel Festival

On June 10-11, in Târgoviște, the video-installation “The Third Reich”

The 10th Babel F.A.S.T - International Performing Arts Festival of Târgoviște is taking place on June 10-19, after two years of pandemic that made impossible to held it.

Romeo Castellucci presents The Third Reich (June 10-11), a work in perfect congruence with the theme chosen for this edition of the festival: “Language/Speech”.

The Third Reich is the image of an imposed, obligatory communication, whose violence is matched by its claim to equality.

The video-installation is based on a spectral representation of all names. After an 'ignition' rite, all the nouns found in the dictionary are projected, in a sequence, one by one, onto a giant screen. A pounding soundtrack accompanies the projection. The spectator, defenceless when treated in this way, is subjected to the human word as a matter of quantity. All pauses are abolished, occupied. The pause, or the absence of words, becomes a battlefield for the words and their military aggression; the nouns from the dictionary, projected on the screen, are flags planted in a conquered land.

This 'dictatorship' of communication is one of the many possible forms of violence.


Babel F.A.S.T. - International Performing Arts Festival of Târgoviște


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