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La Baracca-Teatro Testoni Ragazzi on tour in Luxembourg

From January 12 to 25, the performance “Families” on stage in Luxembourg, Ettelbruck, Niederanven

La Baracca-Teatro Testoni Ragazzi theatre company is on tour in Luxembourg and thanks to the co-operation of the hosting theatres, a total of thirty performances of the show Families are scheduled in Luxembourg, at the Rotondes (January 12-16), in Ettelbruck, at the Centre des Arts Pluriels (January 18-20), and in Niederanven, at the Kulturhaus (January 21-25).

Families is a show for children aged 1 to 5, a non-verbal show that, through the use of a few significant objects and a simple game of mannequins and clothes, has the ability and the courage to show with simplicity and lightness how today the concept of family is diversified.

As we read in the director’s notes, the show “can suggest reflections and stimulate questions, without wanting to provide or influence answers”. And what emerges, in addressing such a delicate topic, is the primary importance of the concept of family based on emotional relationships, beyond the usual roles.


Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck

Kulturhaus Niederanven

La Baracca-Teatro Testoni Ragazzi

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