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Germany – Teatro Necessario at the Zirkus Theater Festival

“Clown in libertà” in Dresden from June 17 to 19

Clown in libertà by Teatro Necessario is amongst the most loved Italian contemporary circus shows in the world.
Thanks to a staging without words but extremely engaging and fun, since 2003 to today it has been appreciated by audiences from all latitudes, with more than one thousand performances in thirty countries in Europe, South and North America, and Asia.

From June 17 to 19 the show has a new international stage in Germany, in Dresden, guest of the Zirkus Theater Festival "Empire of Fools", festival and conference for contemporary circus organized by Societaetstheater Dresden.
The 2022 edition, taking place on June 17-26 in many locations throughout Dresden, proposes a program with performers from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

On stage, Leonardo Adorni, Jacopo Maria Bianchini, and Alessandro Mori –authors of the show and founders of Teatro Necessario theatre company– are the protagonists of a special musical journey, a moment of euphoria that is impossible to resist.
The three clowns entertain and conquer the spectators with every means available – hand-to-hand sequences, slow motion duels, intricate juggling, stunts, pyramids, and, of course, live music, that is always present and (almost) never interrupted, not even during the most unthinkable acrobatics.


Zirkus Theater Festival “Empire of Fools”

Teatro Necessario

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