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France – “Captain Fracasse” by Fraternal Compagnia

On March 11-12, the French-Italian show of 'Commedia dell'Arte' on stage in Castres

Fraternal Compagnia theatre company goes back to France with the show Captain Fracasse Or The Amazing Adventures of the Baron de Sigognac, a project of "Commedia dell’Arte" inspired by Théophile Gautier’s novel.

The show was born from a collaboration between Italian and French actors and, like the previous works of the Bologna based Company directed by Massimo Macchiavelli, wants to renew the expressiveness and strength typical of the "Commedia dell’Arte" by re-adapting its characteristic elements in the forms of contemporary popular theatre.

Gautier’s novel is a timeless initiatory journey that takes us into 17th century France through the adventures of a theatre company. Italian and French film adaptations contributed to the creation of an original language which combines the Commedia dell’Arte with the tradition of swashbuckling novels.
Without missing the comic-farcical dimension, the Captain Fracasse by Fraternal Compagnia oscillates between two registers, alternating comic jokes and dramatic scenes. Live music, expressly composed for the show, contributes to create the daring universe of the work.

On March 11 and 12, The Amazing Adventures of the Baron de Sigognac will be staged in Castres at the Municipal Theatre.

The tour is supported by Municipality of Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italian Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Castres.


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