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Denmark – Teatro Nucleo at the Transit Festival

On June 7-9, at the Odin Teatret in Holstebro, the Company presents two shows and is guest speaker in a talk

After Slovenia, where they took part in the RIOTE 3 (Rural and Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education) Erasmus+ project with the show Fugue in Me Minor (on last May 28, at the Grad Sevnica castle), Teatro Nucleo is ready to leave for Denmark.

In June, the theatre company is among the guests of the tenth Transit Festival – international theatre festival and precious opportunity of get-together organized at the Odin Teatret in Holstebro from June 3 to 12.

The Festival – whose subtitle is “The Splendour of the Ages – Theatre - Women - Courage”– is directed by Julia Varley, one of the founders of The Magdalena Project, a network of women in contemporary theatre operating since 1986.
Transit and The Magdalena Project are committed to nurturing an awareness of women's contribution to theatre and to supporting exploration and research by offering concrete opportunities to as many women as possible, both in the profession and in study.

On this occasion, Teatro Nucleo presents two performances: Kashimashi (on June 8), and Fugue in Me Minor (June 9).

In Kashimashi, Natasha Czertok stages a "private bestiary" that, with a good dose of self-irony, insinuates itself into the dynamics linked to what we usually define as "normality" and to the stereotypes in which we recognize ourselves / which we reject / in which we feel forced. A kaleidoscope of creatures comes to life in the show on different levels: the dramatic, the choreographic, the symbolic ones.

In Fugue in Me Minor, the courageous and fragile love story between Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine is Veronica Ragusa’s and Marco Luciano’s narrative pretext for the creation of the solo. A controversial, scandalous, wrong, sublime, violent story, full of selfishness and emotional greed, paved with unwritten verses, as bright as children's play. The story of a love on the run, or the escape from a love.

Besides the performances, the Festival programme also schedules workshops, masterclasses, work-in-progress, and a series of meetings The Splendour of the Ages Talks”.
Teatro Nucleo, with Natasha Czertok and Veronica Ragusa, is among the speakers of the talk on the experience of the “Women Performing Europe - The Magdalena Project Across Borders” Erasmus+ project (June 7).


Transit 10 Festival - The Splendour of the Ages

Odin Teatret

Teatro Nucleo

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