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Belgium – Simona Bertozzi guest of Les Brigittines International Festival

The choreographer presents “Quel che resta (What remains)”, the duo created with Marta Ciappina. In Brussels, on September 1 and 2

The international festival Les Brigittines is in full swing in Brussels (August 18 - September 3).
Directed by Patrick Bonté, and dedicated to contemporary performing arts, the Festival proposes a programme of performances that express “innovative languages, bizarre universes, strange and original forms that speak to the imagination”.

Every year, the Festival centres on a new theme, and encourage spectators to consider this issue in a new light via the connections, the emotional paths and any suggested reading  offered by performances that vary greatly in style but touch on quite similar topics.

“Spiral of Dream” is the theme of this edition, which hosts the Belgian premiere of Quel che resta (What remains) by Simona Bertozzi, in which the dancer and choreographer introduces the unprecedented collaboration with dancer Marta Ciappina.

In this wild and elegant duo, Simona Bertozzi and Marta Ciappina explore unusual ways of interacting and connecting.

«Since the beginning of my journey with Marta, – says Simona Bertozzi – I have tried to attribute to the space environmental characteristics that could generate visions, change the density of the air and generate the unexpected ability to cross. Unusual ways of being. All this so that we could meet in a boundless dance, able to reverberate beyond the awareness of our actions and surprise us, almost despite ourselves, in attitudes of affection and irresistible resonance».

The result is an uninhibited and invigorating dance: What remains is the impetuousness and persistence of bodies, a touch of weightlessness that creates a vocabulary of expectations and departures, repeated geometries, figures, resistance and escape.

The performance is on stage at Les Brigittines on September 1st (08:30 pm) and September 2nd (07:00 pm). On September 1st, after the show, a meeting with the artists is also scheduled.


Les Brigittines International Festival

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