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United States – Teatro Patalò at Oregon Fringe Festival

On May 1, the documentary film "Inventing Life" scheduled in the annual event by the Southern Oregon University

Inventare la vita Inventing Life is a documentary film about Tell Tale, a theatre-dance piece Teatro Patalò theatre company was creating for a tour in the United States programmed in April 2020.

A month before the premiere, the show remained “on the verge of an uncertain future”, and Isadora Angelini and Luca Serrani produced this documentary that narrates “a piece of life on stage” and the work in the absence of live performance.

So, also the tour in the United States has a new guise, becoming virtual. At the end of March, the documentary film was scheduled by Teatro de Las Americas of Oxnard and Main Stage West of Sebastopol and is now presented within the Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF).

The festival –a multi-day event produced each Spring by Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University– celebrates outrageous creativity in the arts and aims to be a crossroads for emerging artists and professional practitioners.

The appointment with Teatro Patalò is on the Festival YouTube channel on Saturday, May 1st: at 04:00 p.m., Isadora Angelini and Luca Serrani participate in the roundtable “Artists during the pandemic”, curated by Nelia Miller; at 04:30 p.m., screening of Inventing Life.

Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF)

Teatro Patalò

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