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Many international events for fuse* art studio

New installations and historic creations presented in Finland, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, United States

This autumn is full of international events for fuse*, the multidisciplinary art studio based in Campogalliano (Modena) working with emerging technology to interpret the complexity of human and natural phenomena.

Their new installation Fragile premieres in Washington DC on the occasion of the exhibition Life of a Neuron, created by ARTECHOUSE in collaboration with the Society for Neuroscience. It is an immersive exhibition that allows to experience a neuron—from pre-birth to death—providing an experiential view of life at a cellular a cellular level (September 27-November 28).
The exhibition brings artists and scientists together for a groundbreaking collaboration and features installations by multidisciplinary artists from around the world. fuse*’s work Fragile —commissioned by ARTECHOUSE— investigates the relationship between stressful human experience and the transformations occurring in our brain.

In the meantime, another installation by fuse* was and is being presented in two festivals in Europe: Multiverse 5.1.
It is the five-screen adaptation of Multiverse – an audiovisual installation that lays its foundations on Lee Smolin’s theory and through the creation of a succession of digital paintings, attempts to represent the eternal birth and death of infinite parallel universes.

Multiverse 5.1 was part of the Zsolnay Light Festival of Pécs, in Hungary, where it was set inside the Cella Septichora, UNESCO World Heritage site (September 30-October 3).
The festival places great emphasis on the triad art - technology - science, and offers to the audience not only exciting light paintings and projections cladding streets, buildings and monuments in light, but also artistic performances, street theatre, new circus, music, and workshops.

On October 7 Multiverse 5.1 will be in Espoo, in Finland, as part of REFLEKTOR Light Art Festival. The festival takes place in Helsinki, Kauniainen, Espoo, and Vantaa and presents light and video art by artists from Japan, England, Germany, France, Italy, and Finland. Set in public parks, indoor venues, old industrial halls and other unique locations, it challenges the public “to venture into the darkness to explore the transition of mundane everyday space turned into dreamy experiences”.

On last October 3, fuse* studio took part in Sonár Istanbul –a festival dedicated to ‘Music, Creativity & Technology’– with the live media performance that is a 'milestone' from where their research in the performing arts field begun in 2014: Ljós.

Ljós (Icelandic for ‘light’) has been conceived investigating the deep connection between light, space, sound and movement. A dancer is the means by which the viewer can enter a surreal and dreamlike space, a dimension with no gravity nor time, made by sounds and images reacting and interacting in real time thanks to a software which modifies all scenic elements accompanying the performer. 

fuse*’s engagements in Europe continue in Spain, where, on October 15, Artificial Botany will premiere at CosmoCaixa, the science museum of Barcelona, that presents the installation within the project ‘NEO: botánica, entomología y arte digital’ (October 15-November 30).

Artificial Botany is an ongoing project exploring the latent expressive capacity of botanical illustrations through the use of machine learning algorithms.
Illustrations by the greatest artists of the genre –drawn from public domain archives– become the learning material for a particular machine learning system called GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), which through a training phase is able to recreate new artificial images with morphological elements extremely similar to the images of inspiration but with details and features that seem to bring out a real human representation. The machine re-elaborates the content by creating a new language, capturing the information and artistic qualities of man and nature.

The project ‘NEO: botánica, entomología y arte digital’ –which is part of a wider program of activities the museum dedicates to science, art, and technology– includes in-depth meetings with the guest artists. The meeting with fuse* is on October 15. They will explain how the process was conceived, the use of these algorithms and the GAN, as well as the recent application of the transfer learning technique.

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CosmoCaixa Barcellona

REFLEKTOR Light Art Festival

Sonár Festival Istanbul

Zsolnay Light Festival Pécs


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