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France – "Giorgio Bassani poeta". Conference and literary evening

On October 15 in Paris, curated by Fondazione Giorgio Bassani and Italian Cultural Institute

On the occasion of the publication in the Feltrinelli ‘Le Meduse’ book series of the ‘Complete Poems’ by Giorgio Bassani curated by Anna Dolfi and of the new, revised and expanded edition of an anthology of his works in verse in the ‘Cahiers de l'Hôtel de Galliffet’ book series, the Fondazione Giorgio Bassani in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris and with the support by Emilia-Romagna Region has organized the conference: “Giorgio Bassani poeta (on October 15, from 09:15 a.m., in Italian language).

The conference is curated by Paolo Grossi, member of Fondazione Giorgio Bassani Scientific Committee and founder and historic curator of the Cahiers de l’Hôtel de Galliffet –the book series of studies, texts, translations of Italian literature published by the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. Italian and foreign academics attend the conference, in a multi-voiced reflection on the great intellectual’s poetic work.

Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Diego Marani and President of Fondazione Giorgio Bassani Paola Bassani open the conference.

In the first session – chaired by Valerio Cappozzo (University of Mississippi) – lectures by Anna Dolfi (Università di Firenze), curator of the volume Poesie complete by Giorgio Bassani recently published by Feltrinelli, by Marco Antonio Bazzocchi (Università di Bologna), Martin Rueff (Université de Genève), and Gaia Litrico (Università La Sapienza, Roma).

In the afternoon session – chaired by Paolo GrossiMarco Gulinelli (Councillor for Culture, City of Ferrara) and Paola Bassani introduce the screening of Rolls Royce – Omaggio a Giorgio Bassani by Andrea Forlani (2020), a video produced by the City of Ferrara to remember Giorgio Bassani 20 years after his decease.

To follow, live feed from the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Moni Ovadia, actor, dramaturg and current director of the Theatre, plus other lectures by Peter Robinson (University of Reading), Jean Nimis (Université de Toulouse), Martina Piperno (Università di Lovanio), and Valerio Cappozzo (University of Mississippi).

In the subsequent concluding debate, the book series “Bassaniana” (Éditions Giorgio Pozzi, Ravenna) is presented.

The closing event of the conference is a literary evening (from 18:30, in French language) with Anna Dolfi, Paolo Grossi, Martin Rueff, Muriel Gallot (Université de Toulouse - Le Mirail), Angela Siciliano (Università di Pisa). This will also be the occasion to introduce the new, revised and expanded edition of the French translation of some poems by Bassani published by the Cahiers de l'Hôtel de Galliffet.

Fondazione Giorgio Bassani

the Cahiers de l'Hôtel de Galliffet

Italian Cultural Institute in Paris

Rolls Royce – Omaggio a Giorgio Bassani on Lepida Tv (IT)

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