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Finland – fuse* at Lux Helsinki festival

From January 5 to 9, the audiovisual installation “Falin Mynd”

Lux Helsinki is a light festival that is organized annually at the beginning of January, the darkest time of the year. Buildings and spaces around the city are transformed into unique works of urban art, attracting many visitors to enjoy the beauty and power of this exciting show even on the coldest nights.

This year the festival takes place from January 5 to 9 and presents a diverse range of light art works, approximatively thirty, divided in two routes that wind from the city centre to eastern and northern Helsinki.

fuse* art studio participates in with Falin Mynd, an audiovisual installation that “makes visible the indissoluble bond between individual and community”.

The installation ‘'collects', analyzes and interprets in real time the data generated by the inhabitants and visitors of the city – tweets, hashtags, news, including their emotional impact. These data produce abstract digital landscapes and constitute an invisible image of the city, a map of what is not manifest and which is revealed in Falin Mynd.

The work highlights how the two entities ‘individual’ and ‘community’ influence one another changing the perception of the reality surrounding us made of places, people, colours, and sensations.

The participation of fuse* in the Lux Helsinki festival is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Helsinki.

Lux Helsinki


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