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Emilia-Romagna operatic tradition in Budapest and Berlin

Introduction of the projects “Modena Città del Bel Canto” and “OperaStreaming”

The melodramma tradition in Emilia-Romagna, with its stars and the popular passion handed down over the centuries, is a heritage of global interest.
Every year, the theatres of Emilia-Romagna produce lyrical performances of the highest standard, thanks not only to the quality of the artists but also to the preservation of a unique mastery and craftsmanship in the construction of the opera productions.
Great names of opera are linked to this territory and the activities related to advanced training for opera singers are another field in which Emilia-Romagna musical tradition is preserved.

Modena - in particular, has always been a must for those who wish to perfect their vocal techniques and presence on stage.
Here one can attend two training courses  recognized at international level  which combine classroom training with 'live' experiences on stage: the advanced training course for opera singers promoted by the Teatro Comunale di Modena, started in 2016 by Mirella Freni, and the annual masterclass for opera singers in "Vocal technique and interpretation of the repertoire" directed by Raina Kabaivanska at the Vecchi-Tonelli Institute.

It is in this context that the project Modena città del Bel Canto was born. It is promoted by Fondazione di Modena, Comune di Modena, Fondazione Teatro Comunale and the Institute of Musical Studies 'Vecchi-Tonelli' and has two main objectives: the training and professional growth of young opera singers; the musical production and the enhancement of the cultural offer of the territory.

On September 28, in Budapest, director of the Teatro Comunale 'Luciano Pavarotti' di Modena Aldo Sisillo and director of the Institute of Musical Studies 'Vecchi-Tonelli' Giuseppe Fausto Modugno introduce the Modena Città del Belcanto project to the press, to cultural and tourism professionals, and to opera lovers in a meeting organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest.
They will talk about the training and production activities of both Institutions, the territorial context, the training opportunities, the cultural milieu, and the welcome for music and opera lovers.

To follow, a concert by musicians who trained in Modena: Marily Santoro (soprano), Raffaele Feo (tenor), and Francesca Pivetta (piano) will perform a selection of famous operatic and concert arias by Tosti, Verdi, Donizetti, Puccini, Bellini, and Mascagni.

The Teatro Comunale di Modena is engaged in the presentation abroad also of another project that enhances Emilia-Romagna great melodramma tradition: "OperaStreaming".
It is the first regional portal in Italy broadcasting a seasonal program of fully staged operas produced by the main opera houses of the region, some of which are also available deferred. Started in 2019, it has gathered an enthusiastic international audience interacting from many Countries.
OperaStreaming is promoted by Emilia-Romagna Region, developed in collaboration with EDUNOVA-University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and coordinated by the Teatro Comunale di Modena.

Director of Teatro Comunale di Modena M° Aldo Sisillo and director of EDUNOVA Centre / University of Modena and Reggio Emilia prof. Tommaso Minerva are programming meetings introducing OperaStreaming to the press, to cultural and tourism professionals, and to opera lovers in Germany, Czech Republic, and Denmark.
The first was in Berlin on last September 24, at the Italian Cultural Institute, others will follow in Prague, Copenhagen, and Stuttgart between December and January.

The meetings illustrate characteristics, curiosities, protagonists and news of Emilia-Romagna tradition and nowadays operatic live, referring in particular to the partner theatres (Teatro Comunale di Bologna, the Opera Theatres of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ferrara, and Ravenna, Teatro Amintore Galli di Rimini). Moreover, they will show the characteristics and the backstage of the live-stream broadcasting and video shooting of an opera.

Teatro Comunale di Modena's promotional activities are supported by Emilia-Romagna Region and ATER Fondazione and are made in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes.

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