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With Motus theatre company, #laculturanonsiferma

Eleven full videos of their performances on Lepida Tv and "Dream Suq" on Facebook

Founded in Rimini in 1991 by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela NicolòMotus theatre company burst onto the scene in the 1990’s with productions of high physical and emotional impact, «managing to anticipate and portray the fiercest contradictions of the present day», as you can read in their biography.

With performances from great authors (Beckett, Genet, Fassbinder, Pasolini, …), radical reinterpretation of classics, new original dramaturgies, the Company has earned prestigious prizes (among which three "Ubu" and “Lo Straniero”) and several acknowledgements at national and, above all, international level.

Eleven full videos of shows of their vast production have been offered for #laculturanonsiferma, the virtual online festival promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept, that has dedicated a ‘special’ to Motus. The videos are now available on Lepida Tv (see the list below).

For those who want whereas to participate in Daniela and Enrico’s new artistic adventure - the direction of Santarcangelo Festival in the edition celebrating the 50th anniversary, there is Dream Suq (market of dreams), «a tentacular space» open to contributions from everyone, created to start re-imagining the Festival.

Santarcangelo 50 - Dream Suq«Imagine seeing your (fantastic) future as in a premonitory dream, describe 2 minutes and 17 seconds…».
Motus invite to answer this question responding in any possible form allowed by the Internet - texts, photos, videos no longer than 2 minutes and 17 seconds, drawings, audio recordings… 

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