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The Teatro dell’Argine company wins the 2020 Max-Brauer-Preis

The prize of the Toepfer Foundation awarded in the spirit of the true European co-operation

The Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. is a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting arts and culture, research, educational projects, and nature conservation across Europe. It has a special interest in enabling European understanding while preserving cultural diversity.

The Foundation could know the work by Teatro dell’Argine, theatre company based in San Lazzaro di Savena, near Bologna, two years ago, through a research conducted by German artists Zandile Darko and today wants to award the Max-Brauer-Preis to Teatro dell’Argine as a contribution to help the Company in preserving its work, defined as «an extraordinary curriculum of artistic excellence, creativity, and inclusion», that could be endangered by the Covid-19 emergency.

As the managing director of the Toepfer Foundation Ansgar Wimmer says, the prize is usually given to artist based in the region of Hamburg and, to award Teatro dell’Argine, the Foundation resolved to infringe exceptionally this rule to give a tangible sign of solidarity and collaboration between institutions and countries, in the spirit of the true European co-operation.

As underlined by Almut Möller, Councillor on Foreign Relations in German and European Council, the prize is for the remarkable work the Company does at the ITC Theatre of San Lazzaro and to the many local and international projects able to create bonds and strong connections inside the communities involved in their activities, taking in not only usual theatre-goers but also people of all ages and social background.

The prize, which is symbolically awarded on May, 9th - the ‘Europe Day’, is 20,000 Euros. The ceremony, now impossible due to the emergency, will take place in 2021.

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