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Slovakia – “Federico Fellini’s 8 ½ in the unpublished photographs by Paul Ronald”

From May 19th to June 2nd, the exhibit is set in the streets of central Bratislava, within “Dolce Vitaj”

Dolce Vitaj  is a festival dedicated to Italy that every year presents the excellence, the Made-in-Italy, and the Italian lifestyle.

Obviously, the name of the Festival reminds Fellini’s famous film, at the same time it evokes the word “vitaj”, which in Slovak means “welcome”.
The festival is organized thanks to the co-operation by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Italy in Bratislava, the Italo-Slovakian Chamber of Commerce, and some Italian companies operating in the Country.

In the year of the celebration of the birth of Fellini, a tribute to the unforgettable director could not miss, done through the exhibition Federico Fellini’s '8 ½' in the unpublished photographs by Paul Ronald, displaying 50 images taken on the set of Fellini’s Oscar-winning film by the official photographer Paul Ronald.

They are materials remained unpublished for decades, that narrate with wonderful images the set, the director Federico Fellini and the protagonist Marcello Mastroianni at work or in pause, the actresses engaged in the film, the crew, the guests visiting the film set, the extras and extras troupe.

The exhibit, realized by Centro Cinema Città di Cesena and Emilia-Romagna Region, is curated by Antonio Maraldi, responsible for the Centro Cinema, and is part of the official programme of the Italian National Committee for the Celebration of the Centenary of Fellini's birth - ‘Fellini 100’.

In Bratislava, the exhibit is on display in an ‘open-air gallery’: large-format images in 50 citylights in the streets of the city centre, a new and original setting which makes it available to a very large audience, to all those who, after the ‘quarantine period’, are gradually going back to enjoying the city.

Dolce Vitaj
Dolce Vitaj

Italian Cultural Institute in Bratislava

Fellini 100

Fellini 100

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